About Us

Created By: Alison John

When: 2013

What for: To help with the planning, design and running of Retail shops and pop-up experiences

The concept of the pop-up shop was supposedly coined at the turn of the century but they have only become mainstream in the UK in the last 5 years or so. Space Qube's creator, Alison, recognised the similarities between the pop-up world and conventional retail and saw this as an opportunity to expand her existing business. In fact pop-ups have become a catalyst for the retail revolution we find ourselves in the middle of today, with shorter leases and a greater desire for theatre on our high street; something that has been lost over recent decades.

Alison's background in commercial and retail interior design and shopfitting provides the experience to create and manage successful pop-up stores. In fact Alison has physically run pop-up shops so has first-hand experience at the sharp end and understands the importance of detailed planning whether it is a one day, one week or one month pop-up shop. The term 'pop-up shop' is probably a bit misleading because many of the most successful pop-ups are used as marketing tools, so perhaps we should refer to them as 'pop-up experiences'. Whatever we call them, we find that our clients are now looking for a more professional approach and Space Qube is able to fulfil that role.