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So you want to run a pop-up shop or experience but have no idea how to go about it? Start by downloading our free pdf checklist – this will help you plan and implement your DIY pop-up. Download here

If that all seems a bit daunting and you would prefer to have some help, call us and we will help with any aspect of planning and running your pop-up shop. From design to shop fitting, from marketing to staff training, we can help. Contact us.


Planning the pop-up and Project Managing your pop-up from start to completion is so important. It’s all in the planning you know. Get that wrong and everything else will be out of kilter. Read more


Find the right place in the right location and getting the design and fit out spot on is essential. Read more


Getting the promotional mix right and timely is vitally important to ensure your marketing message reaches your potential customers. Read more


People matter – your paid staff, your volunteers and your customers all matter in equal measure. So get the most from the people that matter.. Read more